2013 m. spalio 23 d., trečiadienis


Dear Blog,

It’s nice to finally meet you.
I’m a girl from small town, born in 1988 (count yourself), fascinated by photography and fashion is my passion. Maybye it’s because I love the smell of freshly printed fashion magazines, or maybye it’s because almost every girl spends half of her life wondering what to wear… I couldn’t tell.
Another awesome thing about this life of mine is makeup. I met makeup when I was 13teen. Damn those old photos… I didn’t know the thing. Well, I thought I did, but we all know how it all seems after 10 years.
Anyways, now makeup is a sweet ritual that lifts my mood in the mornings. Every morning I smile at my shadow-self in the mirror and think: “Well hello there, it’s your fairy godmother time, Cinderella”! And that gives me joy.
I’m a girly girl as you already noticed.
Each day we learn new things, earn some new experience. I don’t mind to share. You’re a part of my life now that I met you.
Everything I share with you becomes our little secret. 
Don’t you love secrets?